Frequently Asked Questions

What is Blank&Munk?

After being over 15 years on the market, supplying handcrafted glassware products ( please check our other site ), we are well established company with clients from countries like Germany, UK, France, United States, Switzerland, Holland and a few more. After many inquiries from our clients we also started to cooperate with manufacturers of handmade, high quality furniture. We are intensively developing our relations with our partners from Russia, Ukraine and the Middle East.
Working with us will means you will get top quality product, handmade and suited specifically according to your needs – guaranteed. Our partners are often manufacturing furniture for generations.

Who are your clients?

It varies from a small shop in Wien, to a wholesaler in the US. Since we only work with proven suppliers, with different production levels, we can fulfill demands both of small companies and huge resellers. Two things will not change though – it will be handmade and it will be top quality.
Should you need references – let us know.

Could you give me some more details, please?

Yes Blank&Munk is a brand of Tradeko Sp. z o.o. ( Ltd. ) registered in the Commercial Registry under no. KRS 090909099. We are based in Lublin, a beautiful city in eastern Poland, our adress is:
Tradeko Sp. z o.o.

How can I contact you?

Let us know about your ideas using this form . Also we are waiting for your call or email:
Please note that our Customer Service is looking forward to hearing from you from 8.30 to 15.30. Available languages are: Polish, German, English, Russian/Ukrainian. Should you need any assistance after these hours leave us a message we will call you back.

Ok, I’m interested – what’s next?

Well, call us, write us and let’s talk. If you need any product from our standard offer, please fill out the order form, letting us know of volume, specific styling, delivery place. Most often there will be some modifications to be made. We suggest you contacted us via email, phone, and sent us technical specification with volumes and other crucial information. We will contact you back, to confirm that everything is well understood. Should you expect to have sample product prepared, we will gladly deliver it to you.

I have my own idea for furniture – can you make it happen?

Great! It’s all handmade so we are very open to new furniture ideas. Let us know how should it look and we manufacture it for you.

Do you do wholesale orders?

Yes, mainly. But don’t hesitate to contact us should you need smaller volumes.

How will you deliver my order?

Well, in two words – on time. We know ourselves how important it is to receive everything exactly how it was confirmed. Packaging itself depends on the product of course, if you want to customize it – it’s possible. We will inform you about technical side of delivery in our offer.

What are the payment terms?

Standard payment terms are 20% in advance at the moment of placing the order and the remaining 80% before the delivery. We are open to other methods including letter of credit or collection.

I’m a supplier, can I work with you?

We are very interested to work with new suppliers who are sure of their quality standards. If you are interested to build new international business relations, you should definitely contact us.

Where can we meet and talk?

We are often present on the biggest fairs. You can find us in Frankfurt on the Ambiente Fair between 8-9 February 2014.

What about environment?

It’s easy. We love trees and we grow them. Literally. Working with us means that you will grow them too :)